Composing A Great Resume To Get An International Freelance Writing Job

Recently, there is a major shift between how people worked and thought of regular and permanent jobs in the past and now. With the internet revolution, every one now has access to a global market for offering their products and services. You do not need a platform to support you if you have talent. If you are a writer, then you have a lot of opportunity to earn a living from freelance jobs. You can work for two kinds of jobs.

  1. Make an online portfolio at one of the freelancer platforms and start looking for potential clients that match your skills
  2. Offer your services to those around you and post an ad in the local newspaper. If you are in school or college, you can write for the rest of your classmates and charge a fee against your services.

The major concern of this article is the former scenario. You are looking for an international freelance writing job and you will not get that opportunity by asking people around you. You need to have a built profile on an online platform. You can even have your own web URL where you have your own profile. However, you will need to search for an infinite time to get a list of all the possible clientele that you can get on a platform built specifically for freelancers. They provide an opportunity for the buyers and sellers to create their profiles and interact with each other.

Whether you are working on your own or through an online platform, you will need a resume to show your clients. Remember that you need a custom resume for different clients. The person who you are going to bid for the job will receive plenty of proposals from other freelancers. They look for someone who understands their business needs and requirements the best. If you have an experience in attempting similar assignments, you should include that in your resume. Everyone prefers to hire those people who are professional and skilled

If you need, carry out a little research about the client or organization or their project in particular. This will give you a competitive advantage over the others.

Do not talk about the budget if they have not specified it. You can decide it later when they contact you.

Always leave a curiosity for the client to get back to you.


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