Looking For Top-Class Freelance Jobs In The Writing Field: An Effective Guide

Wanting to be your own boss and work to the beat of your own drum is a natural desire, and one that we can now follow, thanks to the invention of freelance jobs. However, this sort of work (particularly freelance writing) can be very difficult to get into and earn a decent wage, at least at first. Here, therefore, are some handy tips on how to go about finding top-class writing jobs.

Go to specialist sites

There are plenty of freelance sites on the internet. Some of them offer all sorts of different jobs and work types, but some of them are exclusively for writers. You need to look through all the options and select the sites that you might like to use in order to find work. As long as you can find plenty of examples of the sorts of tasks you would be interested in and able to complete, then you’ve found the right site for you! Remember that plenty of these are free to use, so try to use these, or at least find the ones that are the best value for money.

Check out the price for the work

In order to find the best jobs, you need to be looking for a couple of things: The price you will get for completing the task (if there is one; sometimes the client is willing to haggle) and how long you think it will take you to finish. Calculate from that the amount of money you will be getting per hour. Only you can say how much you would like to be earning per hour or per day, but as long as that is feasible, then go for the job you’re looking at!

Have a fantastic portfolio ready to go

In order to be able to ask for the big bucks when completing given tasks, you need to prove that you are an experienced and talented writer. In order to do this, you need to have a killer portfolio and C.V. ready to hand out to any client or employer that you would like to work with. Remember to include as many different genres of writing as possible - fiction, non-fiction, academic, blog articles, even poetry and short stories, for example - of all different lengths. You should demonstrate your skill and writing ability in many different fields. Soon, you’ll be in high demand!


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