Looking For Good Jobs In Commercial Freelance Writing

Good jobs are in short supply for some. Being a freelance writer means that you choose your work and you work when you want to, but sometimes you just need more than that. Finding the odd job here and there doesn't always cut it. If you're only doing freelance writing gigs part time, you can work for the work, but if you're trying to make it full time, you need something steady and reliable.

To find a job, first you need to decide what kind you writer you want to be. You can do a little bit of everything if you like, or you can focus on your strengths. Once you decide what you want to do, you can start looking for jobs that relate specifically to your area of expertise. To do that, you need something called the internet. It's one of the – if not the absolute – best ways to find jobs. You can find websites, send out emails and even set up a marketing plan to get your writing career exactly where you want it.

Start by using a search engine. You can find job listings and do your own research on the company so that you know whether or not you want to work for them. Sometimes they will have rates posted for the job, but freelancers frequently set their own rates. Don't set yours so high that no one wants to hire you, but don't set it so low that the work isn't really worth your time. This is still work, and you should be paid fairly for it.

If finding the work by searching the internet hasn't brought up the results you hoped for, why not send out queries? Let people know you're there. Let them see your rates before they agree to hire you. Let them see examples of your work so that they can see your talents for themselves, and know whether or not you're the right person for them.

Another great way to find jobs is to create a website. Like querying, you can include examples of your work, your rates, and a way to contact you without you having to send out a ton of emails. A website works for you 24/7 and it only needs to be checked and updated when need be, it's not something that requires constant attention, but it could bring you clients constantly.


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