How to Become a Great Freelance Writer: Improving Your Skills

Read a lot

The best habit of a good writer is reading. You cannot become a successful writer if you do not read enough and often. This will help you increase your vocabulary and strengthen your hold over the subject. You will be able to identify the strengths of a good piece of writing. When you read a paper, you can tell if this appeals to you or not. You can make notes while reading to improvise your writing. Do not worry about the relevancy of the material you read. Whether you get hold of a book, a journal, a magazine, a news article, a blog or even a chapter of a textbook, give it a reading. It will help you increase your knowledge base

Write daily

Make a habit of writing daily. Whether you have to work or not, you can write for yourself even. Do not worry about the subject of the writing. You need to write daily to maintain your flow and speed. This will help you increase your writing speed and concentration on work. If you are busy, you can take ten minutes out to write something but do not miss it. Keep this your first priority if you want to become a professional writer

Find your inspiration

Do not just choose to be a writer because you have nothing else to do. You need to be passionate about what you do especially if you are a freelancer. You do not have to copy anyone but you need to look at successful writers and see how they capture their readers. It is not necessary that your inspiration is a writer only. You can find it in your family, friends or any other thing

Get opinion from others

You need to ask suggestions of other people on the quality and style of your writing. This will help you improve and identify where you lack. You can then improve on these areas by focusing and practice

Stay in constant touch with your clients

People love to hire those service providers who value them and keep them posted. It helps them stay involved in the project and you can know if you are proceeding in the right direction


  • Build your portfolio
  • Break the rules
  • Sometimes, it is okay to work out of the way to earn good clients and trust
  • Earn honest feedback for yourself
  • Do not compromise on pricing

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