Can You Make Money As A Freelance Writer: Tips For Dummies

Okay, so the title to this article is kind of a no-brainer. Yes, of course, you can make money in this industry, otherwise no-one would be doing it. The question you probably want to know the answer to is “How much can I expect to earn?” Unfortunately, the answer to that is “How long is a piece of string?” Anyone can make money, how successful you are and how much you make is ultimately down to you.

If you follow these tips you should be able to at very least start earning some money:

Register for the big freelance sites

When you are starting out then, the trick is to make life as easy as possible for yourself. There are at least three or four big sites out there that have a continual stream of work available. Yes, you are up against all of the other freelancers, everywhere in the world, but with a decent profile and a willingness to start at the bottom you will find paid work.

Don’t give up.

Like exercise, you need to stick at this if you want to succeed. Little and often is a good approach to adopt in the beginning. Fifteen to twenty minutes spent each day actively looking for work will yield results.

Bid for as many projects as you can

Don’t fall into the same trap as many other newbies who think that if they bid for just a handful of projects they are going to earn big bucks. Chances are you will need to bid maybe for a dozen projects before you are lucky enough to get selected.

Keep your fees realistic

A lot of new starters express anger and disappointment when they realize just how low paid some freelance writing gigs can be. Unfortunately that is just the nature of the business that we compete in. It is a fact that you will be up against freelancers who will work for next to nothing and you can’t really blame clients for going with the budget option. Until you build a decent reputation, then I would suggest that you bid low to maximize your chances of success.

Deliver on time

There are always going to be occasions when it is impossible to deliver your assignment on time. Most clients will be sympathetic toward this. However, you cannot make a habit of this. You also need to bear in mind that especially with the big sites, your stats are monitored. You will be marked down for late delivery which in turn will damage your chances of securing additional work.


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