Key To Finding Trustworthy Freelance Writing Companies

Freelancing is increasingly becoming a popular career move for people who like the independence of working from home without any bosses. Freelancers act as their own boss choosing exactly how many clients or projects they want to work on at any given time. While many freelancers tend to work on their own, some will find writing companies from which they will receive regular assignments, usually for a negotiated standard rate of compensation. This is a really good approach for anybody that wants to experience the best of both worlds – a steady income and while maintaining independence. Here is the key to finding a trustworthy writing company:

Conduct an online search for company options

The first step in finding a trustworthy freelance writing company is simply creating a list of options by doing a web search. Approach this as if you were looking to purchase an assignment. Use terms like “top-rated” or “best” to create a list of about a dozen or so places worth exploring. This should give you a good place to start.

Read some online customer reviews and ratings

You can find out a lot about some of those companies on your list by checking out what former customers have to say about them. Look for independent customer reviews and ratings to get a sense of company performance when it comes to delivering service and written documents. You don’t want to work for a company that has a history of poor performance. Your own reputation might come under question if you associate with a bad company.

Contact individual companies for information

As you shorten your list of options you can start spending time contact individual companies for information. Find out about their hiring processes, payment rates, and system for assigning projects. Of course, the amount of work you can expect depends on how much work the company receives from clients, so it would be to your benefit to get a good idea of what the company can reasonably expect in terms of client orders.

Submit profile and sample documents

Finally, as soon as you identify a good company you can start to submit materials for getting hired and joining its staff of professionals. This usually means submitting examples of your work as well as possibly a resume or profile. The better companies might also ask you to take some type of test. This is usually a good sign as it shows that a company wants to ensure that the experts it hires will maintain its reputation and highest standards of service.


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