How To Be A Professional Freelance Writer: Crucial Things To Remember

Being a professional freelance writer can be one of the most fun jobs in the world. At times, it can also be one of the dullest. It’s like any job out there, but if you remember why you are doing it, I promise, everything will be okay.

When you start freelancing, you have absolutely no idea what you are doing. You might start on a good day when there are really great and interesting topics to write about or you might start in a slow day, when there aren’t many options and from those, none appeal to you.

Well, guess what? This is a job. You will be getting paid for it and you have to deal with it. So to avoid you getting into trouble, here are a few things you need to keep in mind so you don’t end up in a mess.

Make sure you are writing in your native language

This will save you a lot of work, as you editor won’t be sending stuff back constantly, and it’ll make your editor like you more, because you’re much lower maintenance. If you’re going to write in a different language to your own, make sure you check things before sending them in.

Even if the topic you have to write about isn’t to your liking, suck it up

There will be other topics, there will be better things to write about, but for now, write what you have to and get it over with. If you start being that person who doesn’t do things they don’t like, your editor will start to be the mean boss who doesn’t give you the assignments you do like, just to punish you. You have to pull your own weight, it’s a team.

Do things right; the first time

If you don’t do things correctly from the beginning, follow instructions to the T. It will make everyone’s life way easier. Starting with yours.

Meet the deadlines

Not meeting deadlines creates a big problem for your editors. Yes, you can have some problem that causes you to be a little late, but get in touch with the people in charge of checking your work. At least they’ll be prepared for it. Not meeting deadlines means a lot of backed up work for your editors and eventually for writers like you. Or, it means you won’t get new topics, therefore, you won’t get paid.

Consider these things. They’ll make writing as a freelancer fun and something you will enjoy doing for some extra money.


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