How To Find Great Jobs For Freelance Science Writers

Science writing is such a special niche in the industry that it often offers plenty of opportunities for any freelancers skilled in this style. It’s not enough to think that because one does well in biology, physics or chemistry or any of the other fields within vast discipline of science that it will lead to success as a freelance writer. One has to keep up with a number of practices to stay ahead in this market:

Create a Profile and Portfolio

The first step to building a successful career as an independent science writer is building a profile and portfolio highlighting your skills, services, rates, and shows off some of your best material. It’s not enough to just build a profile and portfolio and leave them be; you must constantly update each with your most current information and works completed for past clients.

Search Industry Journals and Articles

Many industry journals and articles will have information on how to submit work. You should try submitted prior sample work and providing a query letter explaining your freelance and science writing experience. You should also use the opportunity to practice your skills with actual published works authored by others in your line of work.

Contact Science Organizations

Various companies will hire freelancers on a long term basis to help them deal with the numerous reports, abstracts, company memos and other pieces that are published throughout the year. Again, you’ll want to submit some examples of your writing as well as provide a detailed background of your expertise. Even if an opportunity doesn’t come up, you may open yourself up to a call back later down the line when they become overwhelmed with work or need to find a new solution to their writing needs.

Make Contacts and Network

The most successful freelancers will keep their eyes and ears open to any job opportunities they receive from their contacts and vast network. Freelancers especially shouldn’t buy into the idea of a reclusive writers; instead they should actively pursue to expand their network of contacts to find collaborative opportunities or recommendations.

Stay Connected with Your Clients

Client recommendations and reviews are extremely important to this type of work. Be sure you stay connected with past clients who were happy with your work. Not only can you potentially receive follow-up projects, but you can also stay on top of their mind whenever they hear about an opportunity you might be great for.


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