Professional Advice From Famous Freelance Writers On How To Earn More

From top-selling novelists to six-figure bloggers, these tips have been proven to be successful techniques for getting work. Writing sounds like a dream to many rat race employees, but the truth is that it is a lot of work. To get projects, find rewarding jobs and earn money, writers must use these time-tested techniques.

Set a Schedule

After quitting a day job, the last thing a writer wants to hear is the word “schedule”. Unfortunately, a schedule is exactly what is required for making money. Writers need to have set times of the day that clients can reach them. Unless the writer has mostly overseas clients, this time period is normally traditional business hours.

Just Keep Writing

Hemingway was known for spending most of his time drinking and carousing, but he is the exception. The best writers write often. Although sending out job proposals and query levels is a great way to get clients, a writer still must complete the project to earn money. Each day, the writer should decide on a set number of words that they will complete.

Treat It Like a Business

Tracking hours, calculating an average hourly rate and doing taxes are all just a part of a freelancer's life. To really earn a lot of money as a writer, individuals must be able to run their career like a normal business. They must figure out their overhead and choose projects that will pay them the most. Sticking to deadlines and marketing are also requirements of a writing business.

Get Used to Rejection

Steve Berry writes historical thrillers and has several best sellers to his name. His first book was rejected 85 times before someone decided to accept it. Even non-novelists have to deal with rejection. Out of every ten job proposals sent out, a writer may only receive one or two responses. For newbies, this number may be as low as one out of 20. Rejection is just a part of life for a writer. Instead of getting discouraged, each rejection is a sign to try again.

It Is Possible to Make Money Money Online

Some freelancers may think that the time for building a website or creating a six-figure income as a blogger is over. This could not be farther from the truth. Although there is more competition on the Internet today, quality content is still in high demand. With so many sites catering to cheap, run-of-the-mill articles, quality writing really stands out. Many of the best paid writers in the world are not novelists; they are online writers.


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