How to Become a Professional Freelance Proposal Writer

In almost every industry, there is a need for writers. Whether its press releases, how-to manuals, ad campaigns, social media content, or any number of other business needs, a company that can’t communicate with the world is headed for disaster. That’s why being a freelance proposal writer is a great way to make your own career based on your writing skills! Here are some basics on how to become a professional freelance proposal writer.

  • Know your stuff. Writing proposals for grants or any type of funding isn’t just like any other writing job you can have – there is a specific style and method you have follow. Being a great writer can get you part of the way, but without a basic knowledge of proposal writing you won’t get very far. So make sure to brush up on the basics and can confidently deliver what you promise: great, 100% unique content, before trying to make a name for yourself.
  • Market yourself. Applying for jobs is the last time that you want to let your shyness get the best of you. When you apply for a proposal writing job, make sure that you let your potential employer see the best of you: it’s not bragging, it’s being honest about your skills so that the client feels confident hiring you! Don’t be overwhelmed or intimidated by the competition, either; you might not have as many years of experience, but if you present yourself as a dedicated professional who knows what they’re doing, someone is sure to see your potential and give you a shot. After all, everyone had to start from somewhere!
  • Make yourself available to all sorts of projects. No two fields are the same, so no two proposals will be the same. There are some basic rules to proposal writing, but these rules are fluid and can change depending on the subject and the field. Immerse yourself in many different fields to get a feel for them all; the more subjects you are confident in, the greater chance you have of getting hired.
  • Know that it can be a slow process. Being a freelancer is a great job, but it takes work before you can completely support yourself. Don’t expect to become a professional, self-sufficient, full-time freelancer overnight. It could likely take weeks or months until you have enough positive feedback, regular clients, and buzz to make it into a full-time job that can support you and/or your family. That’s not to say you should necessarily attempt freelancing part-time at first; while this isn’t a bad idea, you may find that you simply don’t have time to hold a full-time job while also gaining recognition and a reputation as a freelance writer. Instead, try to save enough that you can live comfortably for a few months while you gain a clientele.

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