10 Hints To Help You Find Freelance Writing Resume Examples

Writing a resume is hard in any profession. For writers, a resume is another sample of their work. If there are any typos or grammar issues, it will reflect poorly on the individual's writing ability. To get the best jobs, writers should use the following ten hints for creating a freelance writing resume.

  1. Choose Selling Points
  2. Everyone is different and possesses unique skill sets. A writer who has experience in the financial industry may want to play up their past in business or experience with financial blogs.

  3. Make a Targeted Summary
  4. On the first page of the resume, the writer should list their career objective and six lines of information about their talents as a job candidate.

  5. Include Ongoing Projects
  6. Many freelancers have multiple one-off projects that they complete each week. Including every job would be tiresome for the HR manager to read. Instead, writers should focus on ongoing projects and some of their largest one-off projects.

  7. Use Related Experience
  8. Even if the writer has experience from non-writing jobs, they can still use it. A former preschool teacher can use their experience to get hired by a parenting magazine or in the education industry. Likewise, a store manager could use their experience to get jobs in business writing.

  9. Prepare a Portfolio
  10. At some point, the client will want to see the writer's portfolio. By preparing one in advance, the writer can make sure that they have the best examples available to send the prospective client.

  11. List Publications
  12. Some of the best portfolio examples come from publications. Writers may want to list articles they wrote for newspapers, magazines or blogs.

  13. Include Awards
  14. If the writer has been recognized for their work in any way, they will want to include this information on their resume.

  15. Proofread
  16. In a writing resume, grammar errors and spelling mistakes are unforgivable. The writer must demonstrate in their resume that they are able to write well. If the resume contains errors, it shows that the writer is either bad at their job or does not really care enough about the client's work to edit it.

  17. Track Projects
  18. To make resume writing easier, writers should keep track of all the work that they do. The best examples can go into a designated freelance writing folder so that the writer can easily build a portfolio.

  19. Never Over-Exaggerate
  20. Everyone wants a great resume, but lying will only lead to problems. Writers should be honest about the extent of their contributions and talent because the client will discover this information at some point.

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