Where To Go If I Want To Work As A Freelance Copywriter

Every time you see a commercial or read about a product or service, someone had to sit down and write the copy for it. These descriptions have been carefully and creatively constructed by people just like you...people who know how to write engaging copy to keep customers coming back. But in this day-and-age, where does a freelance writer go to get one of these lucrative dream jobs? Check out the following tips to help get yourself on the right path to being a freelance copywriter.

Check the Online Job Boards

The great thing about doing freelance copywriting is you don't have to look very far to find work. The internet provides a vast amount of job listings for companies willing to pay for good copywriting. Simply type in, freelance copywriting jobs, and you will be lead to many online resources. But beware, some of these job boards are better than others, so check them out carefully to be sure you are not getting scammed. If you know of a company that you are interested in working for, go to their website to see if they take work from freelancers.

Tip: You may have more success with newer start-ups than with already established companies.

Let Them Come to You

If you are serious about being a freelance copywriter, than having a professional website where potential employers can look you up is essential. Design your site to reflect, not only your personality, but creativity as well. Writing great copy is about grabbing a potential customer's attention, keeping them excited about the product or service, then closing the sale. Your own website can be the perfect place to display your talent, as well as quote the price you are willing to work for.

Tip: Keep away from overly cute graphics and bright colors on your professional website.

Word of Mouth

We live in an era where social media is just a click away, so take advantage of this popular means of communication when searching for a freelance copywriting job. Chat boards and writing groups are great places to meet other freelancers and to possibly find a potential client to work for. Let these people know your qualifications and that you are interested in freelance copywriting. Getting your name and skills out there can turn into invaluable resources if you take the time to participate.

Tip; Always be professional and courteous when dealing with online social media for potential work purposes.

It may not be easy to get that first great copywriting job, but as with anything else worth doing, it is worth pursuing.


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