Places To Stay Away From When Looking For Freelance Writing Jobs Online

Seeking freelance writing jobs online is a job in itself. There are various options to consider even for beginners, but there are a few places online writers should avoid for different reasons. Some places are known for poor reputation of producing content or mistreatment of writers. Others may have low pay or they don’t offer much in the form of writing opportunities. The good news is there are a few tips easy to remember to help freelance writers with their job search. Here are some hints on places to avoid when seeking writing gigs online.

Places with Poor Reputation

Seasoned freelance writers are known for putting the word out there about places new writers should avoid when seeking writing opportunities online. Places with a poor reputation may have bead feedback from previous writers. This can range from being treated poorly to being unprofessional with writers and other clients. Writers may not get what they deserve and their reputation is known in other markets.

Places with Lack of Writing Jobs

There are a few places online writers have complained about in regards to work availability. Such online sources can be a problem for the writer seeking part-time or full-time work. When you want to stay busy or when trying to earn a certain amount of income this can become a problem. Writers looking to expand their skills or fill in time in their schedule may not want to seek jobs through such sources.

Places Offering Writing Jobs with Little Pay

There are many places online offering writing opportunities writers need to be aware of which are legitimate, but at the same some places are known for paying very little. They barely pay enough for someone to pay a bill or to cover a membership fee for using the site. It is one thing to get expose when just starting off. Some writers may decide to start getting jobs with places offering little pay to get their feet wet, but don’t stay for too long and work to build your potential with jobs that offer better pay.

Places Other Freelance Writers Strongly Recommend You Avoid

There are writer forums that detail plainly places writers need to avoid. There are experienced writers that share this information with others writers and may mention the company or potential client by name as a warning. It helps to check out such blogs and forums to learn about their experiences.


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