How To Build A Freelance Writing Career: 5 Essential Suggestions

When you tell old timers that you are thinking of a writing career, they will get a feeling you wish to become an author or a poet. It is the magic and capacity of Internet that has changed the dimensions of writing career and opened up a large world for freelancers, until then restricted to journalism.

It is actually possible to build a freelance writing career and rise high. You just have to consider a few potent points and work on them. Here they are

  1. Plan a life – A freelancer has to make a clear plan for both lives; official and personal. While you are on work, you have to scoot off all distractions, even when at home. When you have called it a day or enjoying a break in between, you have to keep all thoughts of work at bay. This is how the cookie crumbles.
  2. Instill discipline – Discipline is needed on many fronts. You have to manage your working table and keep it clean. You have to do your research thoroughly as a freelancer. You have to ensure that you have perfect system and smart Internet. You need to pay the Internet bills promptly.
  3. Apply with diligence – When you start as a freelancer, you may face a few hurdles in the beginning. You may come across duplicitous work providers. You may not get responses for days. This is where your diligence at application comes to the fore. Do not leave the truck, come what may.
  4. Keep specializing – You know what you are good at. This is the genre you are seeking work for. Point is not to stop at that. Keep refreshing your knowledge on the genre, gaining new knowledge from journals, newspaper articles, books, online sources. See how credible writers piece their blogs.
  5. Create curiosity and interest – Your articles should be interesting to read and instructive. There should be that X factor involved and also the curiosity factor. The client should feel that you are giving more to the job than what he is paying you. Pour love, sweat and more into your articles. You will surely reap dividends as a freelancer.

These five suggestions should see you on a progressive and constructive path, as regards your writing career. With experience, you will also know about the subtleties and new technologies in the genre. Keep incorporating them and enlightening the readers about the same. Your writing will become a figurehead, at least in your genre.


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