Where To Search For Well-Paid Freelance Writing Jobs Online

Freelance work is projected to be one of the biggest job growth sectors in the near future. Research suggests that nearly 40% of the American workforce will be involved in freelancing by the year 2025. Even in the present, a huge market for this type of work exists and people make a decent living out of it. If you have recently decided to go your own way, become independent and your own boss, we have some great advice for you on where to look for well-paid freelance writing jobs online.

  1. Freelance websites
  2. There are a number of websites online that provide work for independent workers. These websites specialize in this sector and provide a platform to employers to post jobs as separate projects that people can bid on. Once chosen, the contractor completes work as a fixed price job or as an hourly job and is paid upon the project’s completion. Most of these websites include an Escrow option which provides payment protection to both the contractor and the employer. The websites earns money by charging a fee as a percentage of the project price. As with everything else online, there are trustworthy and professional websites of this kind and there are also somewhat shady ones. Make sure to trust only authenticated and established websites.

  3. Job Boards
  4. Writing jobs are also posted on job boards. This includes normal job boards as well as specialty ones. Look in your specialized area of writing and you will find plenty of opportunities. Most of these boards list jobs based on categories so searching them is a fairly straight forward process. Getting a job on these boards is a one-on-one process which is not protected by an escrow system such as on a freelancing website. In this case, make sure you have a proper contract on hand so as to protect your interests as a writer.

  5. Pitch your own ideas
  6. The best paid independent writing jobs are almost always ones you create yourself. Go online and look up local businesses. Research them and find out what they do. Then imagine being the person managing the business. Identify a need, usually related to marketing. Then develop an inspiring pitch and approach a decision maker at the business you are targeting with your proposal. Show them they have that need and how you can provide a writing solution that can benefit them. If you are convincing, you will be hired with great pay. Enjoy!


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