How To Get Trusted Freelance Academic Writing Jobs Online

So, you are a freelance academic writer but you have no idea where to look for jobs online that are posted by trustworthy clients. Do not worry; we have some great advice for you on how to go about looking for good, solid and authentic writing jobs.

  • Be the right deal yourself before you look for great clients
  • Here is a tip. Before you approach a great potential client, make sure you are someone they will say yes to. Do you have a good online presence? Do you have great writing profiles online? Do you have your own blog or website where you showcase your talent? Do you have a great portfolio you can send to your clients with your job proposals?

    Work on getting all of that right before you approach anyone. Your chances of landing a job will increase dramatically with a great online presence, verified credentials and a great back catalogue of work. Great recommendations from previous clients do a world of good too.

  • Look at the best known and trusted freelance websites
  • There are some very well-known websites online that cater specifically to freelancers and the people looking to hire them. Become a member and set up a complete profile. Do all the verifications necessary and upload portfolio articles. Start searching in the Academic writing sections for jobs posted. Look for jobs posted by clients with good reputations and ones who have already purchased business before. Apply with a great proposal and make sure you send a unique proposal to each job tailored to that job’s specifications. Template job proposals do not work at all.

    Correspond with clients with the utmost professionalism. Respond quickly when they approach you with a question or comment. Do a good job when awarded a job. Establish a reputation that befits your great talent and soon you will start getting good jobs.

  • Find jobs in other places
  • Also look for jobs in other places. Online job boards are a good place to look. Find some good companies in your local area. Research them and find out what their needs are. Find the appropriate person and pitch your writing proposal. Be professional and convincing. If you are offered a job, here is how to make it a trusted job. Always agree scope of work and payment terms beforehand. Always have a contract which describes in detail the terms of the job. Always have it signed by both parties and always have a copy.

Good luck!


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