In Search Of Freelance Medical Writing Jobs Online: A Basic Guide

Freelancing is a hot career nowadays and it comes in many different varieties so that there’s something for everyone to try if they’re even a little bit skilled. The higher payments go to writers who can not just write but produce technically sound content in highly specialized fields.

If you have had training in medicine or at least possess some knowledge in the field that places you above the lay person in terms of understanding, you may be able to apply for and obtain medical writing jobs. How? In any of the following ways:

By using a freelancing website

There are many of these and they each have their own subtle differences. For a specialized writer it would not be wise to try the ones that have a fixed low rate of 5 or 10 dollars per task but just about any of the others will do. In your portfolio you would put examples of the type of writing you would like to be hired to complete. If you gained your experience and training as a nurse or veterinarian, that would be put into your profile. You should also put tags on your profile to make it easier to find using search engines.

By scouring the web

Many companies find their freelancers by checking out the popular sites but there is a pool of other employers that use less visible means. They are just as legitimate and some even pay more than the freelancing site clients would. These clients can be found via job boards or word of mouth in forums that deal with working from home. By expanding your search you increase your chances of finding what you need.

By looking offline for jobs you can do online

If you spend enough time around hospitals, health centers, veterinarians offices and other sources of medical care you may learn in person of jobs that are available online. A general practitioner may have a website that needs content or a hospital may need a freelancer to monitor their social media accounts. The best candidate for the job would also have to have a fair knowledge of SEO. This just shows that having one specialized skill can be complemented by possessing others

These methods can work for freelancers with many different specialized skills. Even if the medical field isn’t appealing to you try this tips on for size.


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