In Search Of Freelance Writing Jobs Online: A Guide For Beginners

When you’re first getting started in a freelance writing career it can be a little tough to find good jobs to make a decent living off of. One of the reasons is that that you simply haven’t built a large enough portfolio to attract attention. Another and more important reason is that you probably don’t know where to find jobs in the first place. Here’s a short guide to help you start out and find early success in freelance writing:

Sign Up On Freelance Writing Sites

The very first step to find success in this profession is to sign up on several freelancing sites. There you will be able to create profiles for yourself as well as create profiles that exhibit your best work to potential clients. While many think they could simply sit back and watch as the job offers come in, the reality is that you must keep your profile updated with fresh content to attract the attention you need.

Market Your Professional Sites

You should also look into creating one or two professional sites you devote to just your skills and capabilities. Keep links to these profiles handy and be sure to include them in all of your emails, written correspondence, etc. You don’t have to be pushy, but be sure you politely mention these places in normal conversation. You may not realize this, but even the smallest mention of your skills can lead to several great opportunities.

Check Online Classified Sites

Stay active in your job search. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t receiving as many bid invitations as you had hoped. You need to get out there and consistently check online classifieds for listings. Use a keyword search function to look for assignments that fall within your comfort zone. You’re likely going to have to negotiate your rates individually, but consider providing a discount if the client promises to write a review for you after the job is complete.

Network in Chatrooms and Forums

Now that you are taking on a career in freelancing professionally, it’s important that you network with your peers. A great way to accomplish this is through chatrooms and forums. Ask about what other members are working on, where they go to find jobs, and what kind of services they provided. Besides learning a few tricks of the trade, you’ll also get some leads to projects that might be of interest of you. Don’t just ask around for help, but offer it up whenever you can. Networking is about getting everyone involved, so be sure to join the conversation.


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