The Most Interesting Jobs For Writers And Editors – A Good Guide

Being a writer does not mean that one can only work as a journalist or a novelist. Most people think that writers are confined to only these two roles. People belonging to creative strata of the society might go a little beyond and construe a writer to be at the most advertising copywriter. However, there are many roles that writers are now involved in.

Language plays an important role and is a powerful instrument in image building. Writers and editors are now employed by corporates who are very serious about their language. Writers are now doing well as academic writers, medical writers, technical writers, bloggers, food and gourmet writers, reviewers, etc. In fact, with World Wide Web penetrating deep, writers have variety of writing opportunities than there ever was available.

Let us look into some of the interesting jobs available for writers and editors in the present times:


Blogging is a very important way to forward once products, services and ideas. Businesses use blogs to provide variety of content which may be directly or indirectly connected to what they have in offer. The content is interesting and engaging. Blogs can be related to any subject and good bloggers are in huge demand.

Technical Writer

They work in close association with technical staff, designers and developers and develop technical content keeping in mind the requirements of the end users. They write technical descriptions of products, and use diagrams, graphics, to charts etc. They also decide on the best medium to reach out to the audience and standardize content to be used across various platforms.

Medical Writer

People with medical background who have also knack for writing can try their hands in Medical Writing. Writers in this field are involved in creating documents meant to be reviewed by government agencies. They are required to have complete knowledge about medical laws and regulations. They work closely with technical professionals to collect and compile information and mostly work with biomedical and pharmaceutical companies.

Food and Gourmet writers

You can call them food critics, food reviewers, etc. as they mix their impeccable knowledge about food with their writing skills. They create an interesting pallet of content which provides wholesome diet to food lovers who would want to learn about the best places for their taste buds and be warned away from the less interesting ones. Anybody who has good grip over language and create content that can interest readers together with great love for food can go for this job.


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