Looking For Highly-Paid Freelance Remote Writing Jobs: Hints For Starters

Freelance remote writing jobs aren’t that hard to find as there are plenty of online marketplaces that are updated every day. The demand for this kind of service is huge, but so is the number of freelance writers. Unfortunately, this level of competition results in lower rates offered to authors, so you’ll need to invest some real effort in finding highly-paid jobs.

Here is how you should go about it in the beginning of your freelance career:

  1. Choose a specialization.
  2. You will be able to build a name for yourself much faster if you specialize in one specific area. This will also make it easier to improve your skills as you’ll be able to further your knowledge of the area by attending various seminars and conferences.

  3. Get a website.
  4. Freelance remote jobs are good because you don’t actually need to go out and meet your clients personally, so you can work anywhere you like. However, the lack of contact makes it more difficult to earn people’s trust. Your website will become your online office. It will help you promote your services and make an impression on prospective clients. It’s imperative to invest in your page in order to make it look professionals. If you set up the website on your own. Be sure to make it user-friendly and optimized for mobile phones as many people today prefer these gadgets to computers.

  5. Make a portfolio.
  6. Even if you have no experience in freelancing, you need to write a handful of articles to show off your skills to prospective clients. This portfolio should be posted on your website and all accounts at various freelance marketplaces and social networks. Do some research into the businesses you want to work with and write the articles based on the texts they are usually interested in.

  7. Write good custom pitches.
  8. You cannot just sit around and wait for clients to find you. Take a proactive position and send out pitches to all the companies and magazines you want to work with. Attach a few examples of your works to the letter and be sure to customize your pitch every time. The proposal must be oriented towards the business, which means that you need to do some research in order to determine what will be most attractive for the firm. You’ll need to send out dozens of pitches and it will get difficult to personalize each of them. However, this way, you will have a much better chance of getting a really good job.


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