Useful Suggestions On How To Find Freelance Content Writing Jobs

There are dozens of jobs for freelance content writers available online. However, finding good ones can be tricky, especially when you are only starting your career. The following tips should help you attract good clients even while you still lack professional experience in this particular field.

Leave no stone unturned.

You need to search for jobs everywhere, not just limit yourself to popular freelance job boards. There are offers to be found at various popular blogs and vacancy alerts at the websites of many big companies. Magazines rarely post any kind of anywhere, but they will accept high quality articles, so be sure to take a close look at the submission requirements posted on their websites.

Develop an impressive portfolio.

When you start your career, you won’t have an opportunity to show off the prestigious projects you completed as examples of your skills. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot show your prospective clients how good you are. To do this, you will need to create a portfolio of articles you will send out with your pitch. Put your all into these texts as they must be perfect in order to make a good impression. F you are truly interested in some particular job, you need to research the texts posted on the client’s website’s and try to create several samples that are similar to them in style.

Write custom pitches.

You’ll need to send out dozens of pitches to get a single client, and writing them will get tedious really fast. However, you must make an effort and invest some time into this. A client who receives a generic pitch is less likely to hire you, so you must research the business of the firm you want to work for and write a proposition that will appeal specifically to this company. To make this task a little bit easier, you can develop several templates that you would be able to customize on the go.

Meet new people.

Networking is one of the best methods of promoting your services as a freelancer. In order to do this, you need to meet new people and strike up acquaintances with them. Attend various conferences and seminars where your prospective clients gather. This will allow you to advertise your services directly to them and improve your knowledge and understanding of the subject you specialize in.

Choose a specialization.

You need to choose one particular field to specialize in or you won’t be able to become a top class professional. Trying to cover too much ground will reduce the quality of your work.


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