A Piece Of Advice On Finding High Paying Freelance Writing Jobs Online

If you’re just starting out as a freelance writer then you may be wondering how you should go about finding jobs. Alternatively, if you have been working as a freelance writer for a little while now, but you want to find ways of being able to increase your earnings, then you may be seeking advice about things that you can do to appear more attractive to potential clients.

One of the first pieces of advice that you should take on board is that it is worth simply asking any regular clients that you may have if they would be willing to increase the amount that they pay for any work that you do. Many clients will simply say yes without giving it another thought; even if they don’t, it is was worth a try.

Another thing to consider is that you should always bid what you think your work when applying for potential writing opportunities. Whilst it can be beneficial to do some research and see what the client looks like they might be willing to pay, do not undersell yourself simply to win a writing job if it will be disadvantageous in the long run.

Techniques that you can use to improve your chances of finding high paying jobs

As well as trying to encourage existing clients to increase the amount that they are paying you, you may also wish to know more about how you can improve your chances of finding high paying jobs in the first place. The following provides three useful pieces of advice that you may wish to follow when applying for new jobs.

Develop a portfolio

If you haven’t already done so, then you should develop a portfolio. A portfolio should include your very best samples, and should be made up of a variety of different writing styles, covering a selection of different categories. This will help to demonstrate your ability to do the work, as well as your versatility.

Develop an online presence

Another piece of advice is to develop an online presence. It could be that you start a blog, which should be kept updated regularly with new content. Equally, you may wish to sign up to various social media websites, so as to help get your name out there.

Write high quality job proposals

Finally, when writing job proposals, it is essential that you address any requirements that the client may have, as this will help to demonstrate your understanding of that position, making it more likely to you to be awarded the job.


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