Professional Advice On How To Get Paid To Travel And Write Reviews

There are many different categories that writers can work in when developing a writing career. Of course, many people enjoy traveling and, therefore, they would love to be able to visit new places and write about their experiences in order to fund any excursions that they go on.

The travel category is a particularly popular writing category and, therefore, it can be useful to take on board as much advice as possible to help you get paid work relating to writing reviews about your travels.

Contacting travel magazines to see if they need any written content

One way in which you can get paid jobs relating to travel is to contact travel magazines to see if they need any reviews written. For example, you may wish to write about restaurants or other tourist attractions that individuals might visit in a particular destination. Alternatively, you might be able to write reviews about various travel options, and a range of other topics.

Writing for travel websites

As well as looking for printed magazines to write for, you may wish to look for a range of travel websites, so as to see whether they need any writers. As well as looking for some of the more popular websites, you may also try and some smaller websites, as sometimes the owner will be too busy to run the site themselves, and would happily outsource the work.

Contacting airlines and other businesses in the travel industry

Airlines and many other businesses in the travel industry will require written content for a range of purposes. For example, you will find many leaflets and magazines offered by travel companies; likewise, many destinations will need to be written about and reviewed.

Using freelance websites to find travel writing jobs

It can be particularly difficult to find work in the travel writing category, largely because it such a popular category. Nevertheless, one of the easiest ways to find work is to use freelance websites. In fact, as well as finding work related to writing reviews, you will find a wide range of other travel writing opportunities. Even if you would prefer to write reviews, you may still find that you have the relevant skills to complete other travel writing jobs, which can help to supplement your income whilst looking for review writing work. Ultimately, if you can get paid to travel, then it is a bonus.


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