6 Tips For Becoming A Top-Class Freelance Grant Proposal Writer

Many companies, especially those that operate as social enterprises, are only able to do business because of the initial funding they receive from benefactors. Sometimes this comes in the form of a loan that has low interest rates. This is a great deal but it is even better to receive grant funding because this does not ever need to be repaid.

The competition for this type of funding is understandably very fierce so many businesses decide to hire freelance writers to compose their proposals. If you want to get into this field and do well, consider the following tips:

Look at some winning proposals

There are excellent proposals out there that show how to convince funding agencies of an organization’s worth. Analyze these with care to see what they focus on and what they ignore.

Create good sample pieces

You can write a few grants for free just to get practice and include them in your portfolio when you finish. This will give you something to show clients when they ask you what you have already done.

Amass some good recommendations

This may be easier said than done. Even an excellent writer may meet up with very demanding clients who do not want to give credit where it is due.

Always get to know your clients’ businesses well

If you intend to represent an agency in the best possible light and money is at stake, you need to know what they are about and be able to present that knowledge to an external body. If you are not sure what they are really doing, it will show and you may lose a great opportunity for them.

Know the agency that offers the grant funding

Some grants prefer applications that are from technology based start-ups or people from depressed communities or people from first generation immigrant families. If you know what they are looking for, you can seek out ways in which your client meets their criteria and make them more visible in your proposal.

Consider other options for your client

This will definitely set you apart. If your client wants one grant and you know the names of several others they are eligible for you can help increase their chances of getting funded significantly.

Many of these tips will take some time and practice to become proficient at executing consistently but with practice you can become an expert.


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