How Not To Miss Out On Good Freelance Academic Writing Opportunities

There are many opportunities available for various types of writers online and just like in real world jobs, the likelihood that an applicant will be hired depends solely on their ability to do the job. Unlike real world job interviews, potential employers can easily view the profiles of hundreds of applicants in a short space of time before making a decision.

To avoid missing out on opportunities, one must consider the reason why someone is hired versus those that are not, then structure their own profile and skill set to make themselves a more desirable employee. The following, easy to follow guideline will tell you how to increase your chances of being hired for good, freelance academic writing opportunities:

  1. Research the job market of your choice
  2. Do not underestimate the size of the online world, it is virtually impossible for anyone alive to view all the available content in one lifetime. Make extensive use of search engines to expand your circle of knowledge, find new job markets and even job types that you never knew existed. This will increase your chances of finding your desired job opportunities.

  3. Equip yourself with the skills that are in demand
  4. Being aware of available jobs is one thing, having the skills to complete them all is a completely different matter. It may not be possible to acquire just about every literary skill that exists, however, you can acquire the ones that are trending. Do some research on the more popular styles in demand and make sure you are well equipped with them all.

  5. Structure your profiles to capture a potential employer’s interest
  6. Do not create a mediocre profile, strive to make your profile stand out from the rest, focusing highly on your desired job types.

  7. Work hard at your reputation as a writer
  8. Your reputation can go a long way in helping you acquire jobs. Always maintain a professional attitude and always do quality work, no matter how bad the pay may be. It may be difficult at first but as your reputation as a writer grows stronger, your opportunities get better and you will find a time will come when you no longer do certain jobs types.

  9. Always expand you skills as well as your market
  10. Do not become stagnated, always improve your skill set and expand your markets. Keep this up and you may find that you have outgrown even your initial ambitions.


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