Freelance Business Writers: 10 Basic Skills Required

Writing skills don’t necessarily have to be inherited. Studying and practicing might be a great way to become a proficient penman. However, financial writing requires some specific knowledge and abilities. Here are some skills that make it impossible to craft a good business paper without them:

  • Be a good writer.
  • It goes without saying that you need to have at least some experience in writing.

  • Be devoted and patient.
  • You need to realize that this kind of job might take quite a bit of time and endurance. Be ready to overcome the possible “dark features” of your character, such as laziness or the temptation to procrastinate.

  • Be inquisitive.
  • Working on a business paper requires you to find out any information related to the main subject. Don’t hesitate to spend some time reading.

  • Write with an intention.
  • You need to know the purpose of your paper. Make it appropriate and it will make your piece effective.

  • Do not be afraid of communicating.
  • As a freelance business writer, you may need to talk to entrepreneurs to start working on your project.

  • Be able to explain the complicated.
  • You will need to get really deep into the subject and write about it using your new knowledge. Because of this knowledge gap, some expressions may be tricky for others to understand. Provide an interpretation and try not to use professional jargon.

  • Make proofreading and editing a habit.
  • Read what you have written and look for any possible mistakes. However, you also need to ask yourself whether you have included everything you wanted to, and if all of that is truthful.

  • Appreciate your readers’ time.
  • It is important to realize that nobody has too much of it. You need to get to the point quickly and focus on what is essential. Another thing to consider is to use short words and avoid unnecessary ones.

  • Know your audience and its viewpoints.
  • You need to understand that the language you use may have different layers of meanings. Take into account that your word choice and sentence structure can reveal more about the subject than you might expect. Thus, readers can perceive the information in a way you may not want them to. Try to adopt the attitude of your audience and make your piece “you-oriented.”

  • Use proper formatting.
  • Business pieces, like any other ones, need to be formatted properly to maximize efficiency. Headlines, bullet points, and other features make it easier for a reader to scan through the text.


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