What Are The Average Freelance Copywriter Rates Today?

The art of professionalism requires a fair rate of pay for a job well done. Professional standards in copywriting have been maintained and the rates involved reflect the value of work delivered. Realistic and fair rates motivate copywriters into working to the best of their abilities and delivering powerful content.

Pricing by the job

The copy writer is allowed to quote a flat fee that covers all the elements of the given job. The fee is revisited if the work turns out to have different and special needs considering the following accounts-:

  • Experience- Experienced writers could ask for higher fees
  • Special skills- More charge is applicable if the writer holds specialized skills in certain areas of the work
  • Location- Copywriters based in urban areas tend to charge more
  • Creativity- A client could be charged more if the work involved requires a copywriter to spend more time on being creative.
  • Planning and Strategizing- A client is charged more if extra planning and strategizing of the work is required before the actual assignment begins.
  • Complex and Bulk Orders- These types of orders require more time and effort by the copywriter and therefore extra charges could be necessary.

Pricing by the hour

Most clients accept to be charged by the hours worked or the day. The rates are as follows

  • Hourly- $30- $100 depending on writer’s experience
  • Daily- $250-800 depending on writers experience

Word Pricing

Pricing by considering the number of words written is often discouraged as it rules out the professional service offered. Copywriters argue on the basis that the counting of words make the work appear to be a commodity rather than appreciate the weight that the content holds. An experienced copywriter would earn less than five thousand dollars per year if the per word rule is to be observed.

Unfair prices are negotiated by per word pricing. A writer working full time would be demoralized and would not perform to the best of his or her ability. These prices encourage quantity over quality which would result in a copywriter working too quickly in order to maximize on the number required and submit the work. The final work is normally substandard in the sense that it is badly written and the facts are inaccurate.

The recommended rates set by the copywriting company are usually the best and the client is assured of a satisfactory work.


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