How To Find A Steady Source Of Income: 10 Tips For Freelance Writers

Writing and reading online is totally different as when doing it on traditional media. As a good freelance copywriter, you need to understand that online article writing is about a new SEO (search engine optimization) dimension, get to know how readers read web 2.0. Below, we share useful hints that will help you put it easier and improve your brand marketing content:

  1. Focus on custom writing. Individuals read online as if they are scanning the screen for key points. This is a way to find out if what you are publishing matters to them or not. If they are not able to "see" an attractive hint in the first few seconds, they are prone to close your site. You should focus on gaining traffic and visitors that will click on specific links.
  2. Brand yourself. Draw a writing schedule to avoid missing the so-called daily post goal. There are several sites, blogs and forums to find information as well or better than yours, if you do not give your readers what they want to see through quality online writing, get prepared to face the consequences. You already know what will happen.
  3. Concentrate and optimize. Close all your open windows with Facebook, chats, Twitter, and email. Even if you say that you can multitask, it is no news that you will get better results without distractions, try it out!
  4. Be brief and go straight to the point. Remember that readers do not like reading 2.0, virtually scanned for bold words, catchy titles, and lists. Instead, try exposing a lot more in few words.
  5. As a general guideline, article writing is about half or less of what you would normally write with a pen and paper and if your topic is extensive, why not writing many articles? You can always include a few posts on an interesting theme.
  6. Consider catchy titles. It is always better to put something like "ten tips for writing rich content” rather than putting "writing online." In addition, consider keywords on the topic you will be writing about.
  7. Look after grammar and spelling. Proofread without exception.
  8. Write as if you were talking to your reader, avoid being a robot, instead, and write with total confidence, positive and with total confidence. Try to appear as relaxed as possible and show your readers the passion of someone who truly enjoys writing. Mix short and long paragraphs.
  9. Consider using attractive pictures or videos. Article writing with videos and images is quite appealing. If you are not the author, remember to give credits.
  10. . Get to know your readers. Whom are you talking to? For instance, medical SEO strategies are not the same as for architectural copywriting. Your audience will determine your style.

Brand Marketing: Quality Copywriting

If you want to ensure the best online presence and a well-defined brand identity, you must focus on quality copywriting. You can make it happen with quality SEO strategies. Do not be afraid of risking it all, find your voice and expose your ideas with clarity.


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