A Guide For Freelance Writers: A Few Words About The Taxes

Freelance writers have a bit more freedom than those who have a regular job. Yes, they can sleep as long as they want to, and do their job whenever they decide to. However, such independence might turn out to be a bit expensive since freelancers have a duty to keep very good track of all their money flows for taxes. To the tax department of their country, they are paid on the income of a self-employed person. Although the procedure might look simple in theory, it might turn out to be difficult in real life. Here is some information on the freelance writers’ taxation:

Pay more.

Every country has some amount of the income that needs to be taxed. This means that if you are making more than some specific amount of money, you will have to pay on it to the government. In general, self-employed workers need to pay more taxes than those who have a regular job. In this case, there is no employer to cover a part of such expenses for an employee.

Keep track of all of your receipts.

You need to know all of your incomes and expenses. However, you also need to be able to prove that you really conducted such transactions. This means that you need to keep documents for the money you received and spent, to support your taxes report. The experts claim that you need to hang on to such papers for a period of at least three years.

Save your money by hiring an accountant.

As a freelancer, you might want to have somebody who can count your taxes for you. Of course, such service also costs money. However, the experience of others shows that a skillful book keeper can eliminate the danger of paying variable fees and deductions, which you might not have even heard of.

Take advantage of the technologies.

You might think abour using some computer program, instead of an accountant, to assist you with the tax paying procedure. It is possible to input information about your income and expenses in it as you work, and then get the complete information when the time to pay comes. Moreover, you can send your taxes information via the Internet.

Pay attention to the tax information concerning the self-employed.

Such data might alter sometimes, so you need to stay updated on any changes to tax policy. Any adjustments in this sphere are especially sensible to the freelancers and, in particular to those, who don’t make very much.


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