Help Me Get Reliable Freelance Writers' Resume Examples To Start Writing My CV

If you are looking to boost your freelance writing career, then you need to get write an appealing resume. A resume isn’t a resume unless it’s professionally formatted. To write a good resume, you need to browse through various resume samples and read what makes them great. This will help you write a winning job application. Below are some of the best sources to find resume examples to help you start writing your CV

  1. Online Sources
  2. There are many websites that are dedicated to providing free resume examples of job seekers. Resume samples are sorted by industry. You will find plenty of examples that you can use to create your own CV absolutely free.

  3. Media Print Sources
  4. It’s not uncommon to find a resume example on your local daily newspaper. You will probably find these samples in the business sector. Although they might not exactly look like freelance writing resumes, at least you can get an idea on how to go about it. Others print sources include business magazines, journals e.t.c

  5. Your Friends in the Freelancing Industry
  6. Your Freelance writers’ friends might be in a better position to provide you with their resumes for the previous applications. You can request for their samples, go through them, and find whether they have the quality required to make a good resume. If yes, you can use them to professionally create your own resume.

  7. Local Public Library
  8. A library is an excellent resource for finding resume samples. There are different resumes for specific industries which you can still use and extract some few ideas on how to go about writing your own resume.

  9. Your Local Bookstore
  10. There are some few specific books that are dedicated to helping people write good resumes. They offer guidelines, tips and also plenty of samples to use. These materials usually contain materials that are updated. Thus, you are sure to get good samples with useful content that covers all your job application needs.

  11. Your College Professor
  12. If you still have your Literature Professor’s contacts, you can request for several samples and use them to write your own CV. He/she is also in a better position to guide you by offering helpful tips on how to go about writing a good CV.

  13. Your Local Job-Centre
  14. A Job-Centre is a place where people post their job applications and CV’s. You might be lucky enough to find freelancing resume examples in the huge pile and thus you can use them to extract a few points.


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