Freelance Writing Guidelines: How To Get A Job If You Don't Have A Degree

Who says you need a degree to get writing jobs as a freelance writer? There are so many job opportunities out there that do not require a degree, but you may need good writing skills and a knack for learning new things through research. You need to know which sources provide jobs without a degree. For the most part, they are easy to access and you can start your freelance writing career by writing about things that interest you. You can always plan to obtain a degree after getting your writing career started. Here are suggestions based on what other writers have done to find writing jobs without a degree.

  • Start a blog based on your interests. One of the easiest ways to obtain a writing job without a degree is to start a blog. You can showcase your writing skills, get in writing practice regularly, and provide insight on subject matters you know.
  • Look for job lead sites good for freelance writers or telecommuters. There are a vast number of job lead sites for writers to consider. Some have paid memberships that can help you improve personal skills and increase likelihood of connecting with more clients. You learn about different types of writing jobs available and how to apply.
  • Have writing samples ready to show potential clients. You should also know how to pitch your skills. Freelance writers do not need a degree to show their skills and potential. They should have a plan that will help them produce a good portfolio that will encourage clients to hire them. Pitching your abilities is important but you should be able to do so while being confident in your skills.
  • Have a website and detail writing services you can provide. Many freelance writers have websites that showcase their experience and detail the work they are interested in doing. You can have writing samples and give a brief history about yourself with well written content that is search engine friendly.
  • Gather writing resources such as magazines and websites that provide additional details on how to obtain work as a freelance writer. Keep your resources up to date. Have a few trusted sources freelance writers use for obtaining writing opportunities and skill development. This will include a valuable amount of material you will build overtime.

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