How To Get Paid For Writing Online: Tips For Freelancers

Many people nowadays try to work as freelancers. Freelance writing is one of the most popular online professions. However, the majority of writers don’t get a lot of money for their services. The main reason for this is that they don’t know how to organize their business. If you feel that freelance writing is your niche, read this article to learn how to start your career and earn good money.

  1. Improve your writing skills.
  2. Any job that is related to writing will demand excellent writing skills from you. You should get a degree in English or journalism, or at least attend writing courses in order to become a good writer. To write for online companies you should also learn about search engine optimization. The majority of clients nowadays want writers to write SEO-friendly web content.

  3. Find your area of expertise.
  4. You won’t earn a lot of money if you won’t find your specialization. Clients pay much bigger amounts of money for professional articles on particular topics. For example, if you have an excellent understanding of baseball, it’ll be much easier for you to write articles about this game. Additionally, you’ll be able to describe some details that are unknown to non-experts.

  5. Start your portfolio.
  6. To prove that you’re a good writer in your niche, you should write a few example articles. Choose topics that are interesting to you and write about them. Work as best as you can on these articles, because they will serve as examples of your professionalism. Excellent articles might attract reliable clients who will pay good money for your services.

  7. Create a professional site.
  8. Every professional freelance writer should have a personal website. This is an easy and convenient way to showcase your articles and advertise yourself. Your site should contain basic information about you and your services. It’s also advisable to link your site to social network accounts in order to advertise it better.

  9. Contact potential clients.
  10. You should make a list of online companies or publications in your niche with which you’d like to cooperate. You may call them by phone if possible or send emails. Make every call or letter very personal, so that your potential employer can see that you’re really interested in the job and have serious intentions. Give potential clients links to your site to demonstrate your work.

If you often get negative answers when contacting clients, try to write better example articles or even find another niche.


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