Where To Get A Profitable Technical Writing Job: 8 Suggestions

If you are a technical writer and looking for work, you will be happy to hear that there are plenty of places to look for profitable jobs. Freelance work continues to grow in popularity and since technical writing is such a specific style, writers who can create technical pieces are in high demand. Here are some suggestions for finding great jobs:

  1. Large freelancing websites: These sites pair clients and writers. They are usually free to join and can have hundreds of thousands of jobs available at any given time. You will need to build a profile and start applying for jobs to grow your reputation.
  2. Specific writing websites: There are sites that are looking for writers with highly specific skills. When you search for technical writing jobs, your search should uncover websites that only work with technical writers with experience.
  3. Entertainment writing websites: Even though technical writing is use in highly technical fields, it does have a place in the entertainment world. The behind-the-scenes positions involve technical work, so clients do need people who can write about sound and lighting, as well as other technical aspects of the entertainment world.
  4. Medical writing sites: Because the medical world has its very own terminology, there are sites that hire only technical writers with experience in the medical community.
  5. Technical schools: You might be able to find a job working for a school that specializes in technical subjects. They will need writers who can create blogs and website content that will attract students. Usually, those types of jobs are hired out to freelancers because schools do not need to employ someone on a permanent basis.
  6. Small help-wanted websites: Just like the large websites mentioned earlier, there are smaller ones that can help technical writers find jobs. You might not have as many options, but the community is stronger so you are more likely to get jobs based on word-of-mouth.
  7. Job boards: Since technical writers are in demand, there are usually jobs posted on traditional online job boards. Many of these positions are full-time and on-site positions. You might have to relocate to work at an official place of business, but the work will be guaranteed.
  8. Social media: The social media sites that provide connections to business associates also offer job postings. You can usually find something in your field through professional social media connections, so keep your reputation positive with all of your current and future clients.

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