Getting Interesting Day Jobs For Writers: 10 Awesome Tricks

Okay, so much as we are all slaves to our craft, we also have to eat. If we have kids then the challenge is even tougher, because while you are perfectly entitled to live off fresh air if you choose to do so, then forcing a child to do the same would be considered cruelty. The reality is that while most of us would love to indulge our fantasies of becoming best-selling authors we have to earn our crust elsewhere. A soul-destroying reality for many!

So, rather than slumping into a depressive state, here’re 10 awesome tricks for getting interesting day jobs:

  1. Freelance writing
  2. Whether you are writing about toilets or distant planets, freelance writing of any description is the closest that most people get to fulfilling their writing fantasies. What’s more it actually pays real cash. Be proactive, register online with the online portals and give it a go.

  3. Speak to local business owners
  4. Most local business owners have a need for decent copywriters to produce their promotional and marketing material, they just don’t often realise it. Be proactive, contact them and you might just find that you end up with a marriage made in heaven.

  5. Working for a local newspaper
  6. Okay, so you are not always going to get to write the juiciest of stories. However, landing a job in a local newspaper is a dream come true for most writers

  7. Working for a local magazine
  8. The beauty of trying to get onto the copywriting desk for your local magazine is that their entry requirements aren’t always as stringent as say, newspapers.

  9. Writing for Greetings cards companies
  10. We’ve all seen the cheesy inscriptions. Writing for greetings card companies will either turn out to be incredibly lucrative or it will be your worst nightmare. Definitely worth a go though!

  11. Writing obituaries
  12. A grim task, granted, but one in which there is a never-ending demand. Establishing yourself as a respected writer of obituaries is a brilliant opportunity for writers.

  13. Academic writing
  14. With so many students under pressure these days, there has never been so much demand for high-quality writers of dissertations and term papers. Try hanging around your local college or university and see what comes up!

  15. Advertising
  16. A career writing advertising copy can be incredibly rewarding and lucrative. A simple trawl of the classifieds should yield results.

  17. Editing
  18. Writing and editing go hand in hand. If you have a passion for grammar, then this could be right up your alley. Why not give it a whirl?

  19. Song writing
  20. If you are poetic and have a passion for music, then landing a gig as a lyric writer could be the difference between eating and starving!


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